Naturally Enjoying Winter in Hudson Bay, SK.

Pineview Ski Trails

The Hudson Bay Ski Club maintains several Km’s of groomed trail both in and south of town. With optional routes and warm up shelters. Visit the Cross-Country Ski Club page for more information.

Winter Walking Trail

The 7km walking trail that begins on the North end of Town and circles back on the south west corner. It is regularly cleared of snow when feasible, however drifting snow can cause deeper areas than others.

Sliding Hill

Hardy’s Hill located just south of Hudson Bay along Hwy 9 provides a fun atmosphere for anyone brave enough to head sliding down the hill. The Lions club provides a warm up shelter at the top.

Bird Watching

Hudson Bay area provides a favorable environment for a large variety of birds throughout the year. In the winter it is common to see several species such as: Grosbeaks, Blue Jays, Grouse, Woodpeckers and many others.

Night Sky & Aurora Borealis

The short days of winter mean long nights, a perfect time to view the dark sky on a clear night. With access to dark sky within minutes from town, it’s easy to get out for stargazing and possibly catch the Northern Lights putting on a show.


Hudson Bay provides both indoor & outdoor opportunities for skating. An outdoor rink located at the south end of Albert St. & Public Skating at the Arena Thurs 3:45-5:45 & Sun. 5-6:15

Snowmobile Trails

Hudson Bay is known as one of the best places for Snowmobiling in Western Canada. With over 680km of Groomed trail and several warm up shelters. The Hudson Bay Trail Riders Club maintains an award-winning trail system! View more information about Snowmobiling in Hudson Bay here.

Ice Fishing

With an abundance of lakes within a short drive from town, Ice Fishing is a great way to get out and try your luck in the winter. Always be sure of ice thickness when venturing out on a lake or river system. Sask. Fishing License required.


With no formal trail system, snowshoeing allows you to explore on your own. With millions of acres of crown public land near Hudson Bay, there is plenty of space to get out and enjoy trekking through the snow.

Wildlife Viewing

Hudson Bay’s geographic location provides an excellent opportunity for wildlife viewing any time of year. Sightings of deer, elk, and moose are more common. With less common sightings of wildcats, wolves and woodland caribou.