Birding & Wildlife

There are excellent birding, wildlife and butterfly watching opportunities in and around Hudson Bay. Existing logging roads and trails can be used.

Birding in Saskatchewan is becoming more popular with over 350 species ready to be observed. Although birding is a year round activity, the spring and fall migration season present the best opportunities for viewing both rare and plentiful birds. Prime viewing for flocks on there trek south begin in mid September. The V signs of ducks and geese migrating are a common sight in Saskatchewan Land of the Living Skies.

The haunting cry of the common loon is heard on the many lakes around Hudson Bay.

Hudson Bay can be called a wildlife paradise and rightly so. The region is comprised of the Porcupine Provincial Forest and the Pasquia Provincial Forest, offering abundant opportunities for elk, white tail deer, moose and bear viewing and photography. As well, the region provides an excellent habitat for squirrels, muskrats, beavers and other small animals.

The white-tailed deer is probably the most prevalent form of wildlife in the Hudson Bay region. A doe with her fawns, or a young buck grazing at the roadside or peering from the edge of the forest – all are common sights around and in the town limits of Hudson Bay

The provincial forests surrounding Hudson Bay are home to the black bear and they have been known to wander into town.

Woodland caribou and cougars are occasionally sighted in the Hudson Bay area.

Hudson Bay is surrounded by several Ecological Reserves which acts to protect the natural ecological habitats of the many animals that call this area home.