Utilities and Power

Saskatchewan Telecommunications, Sask Energy and the Saskatchewan Power Corporation serve Hudson Bay and the surrounding area with telephones, power, natural gas and cable. Main power service to the community is 72,000 KVA. Natural gas service to border station is 5,000 kilopascals. Municipal facilities and services are capable of serving a population of over 4,000, almost double Hudson Bay’s current population.

Water Supply
  • The available water treatment capacity is 500 gallons per minute and the source is the spring fed Fir River.
  • The treated water supply provided by Trident TR-210A 2 tanks and has a capacity of is 44 L/S (700 USGPM 560 IGPM)
  • The raw water annual license is for 650 dam ³
  • The raw water storage reservoir is 48,000,000 gallons
  • The water treatment plant has 600 thousand gallons available in a concrete underground reservoir north of the plant.
Sewage Treatment

The Lagoon 2 primary cells cover 17.0 acres (6.88 HA) and has 4 storage cells for 73.6 M GAL (335,000 CU. M.)

Garbage Disposal

There is also garbage disposal service to the residential area; the garbage is picked up once a week. In the commercial area, garbage is picked up twice a week. See also Waste Management.


All streets are paved with regular snow removal by Town of Hudson Bay.


Hudson Bay’s Airport is unusual for a town of Hudson Bay’s size and having it available makes industrial expansion locally all that much more attractive.

The water bomber base facilities include an 8,000 gallon fire retardant tank, two 10,000 gallon water tanks and a 10,000 gallon fuel tank. Also, a 5000 gallon underground tank is provided to permit tankers to abort their load when necessary.

The Province’s Grunman G89 Tracker Aircraft operate on a rotating basis between five bomber bases to provide forest fire suppression services.

The airport, with a 5000 foot runway and a 2000 foot cross wind runway is able to accommodate almost any size of aircraft. In June, 1980 a Canadian Forces Hercules landed with troops to fight forest fires and the airport has also been host to several private jets.

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