Porcupine Hills Provincial Park

One of Saskatchewan’s newest Provincial Parks is located near Hudson Bay. The park was officially designated in 2018 but has always been a longtime favorite for local residents. The park is made up of two blocks, the East and West Block. The East Block (Isbister, Spirit, Elbow, Smallfish and Townsend lakes) is located 95km SE of Hudson Bay, accessed by Highway 3 east of Hudson Bay, and gravel road 980 south. Take in the beautiful scenery on Brockelbank Hill along the Woody Lake road (980), elevation is 810 m and provides a stunning view of the surrounding area. The West Block (Sagnus, Peepaw, McBride and Parr Hill lakes) is located 64km SE of Hudson Bay, accessed by Highway 9 south of Hudson Bay, and gravel road 982. Both park areas are known for their quiet and remote atmosphere.

Located in the boreal forest, the area is a natural landscape where you can relax, take in the scenery and simply enjoy nature. There are no designated swimming areas in the lakes but are all known for their fishing opportunities and relaxing natural atmosphere. Both areas boast great basic camping and fishing facilities however keep in mind there are no powered camping sites and limited sewer dumps in the area. There is also no cell service available. Private businesses operating include: Moose Range Lodge is located on Townsend Lake and provides fuel, lodging, outfitting and food services and McBride Lake Campground on McBride lake, offering supplies along with nightly and seasonal camping. The area is most popular in the summer, however during the winter, groomed snowmobile trails are available in the area providing some of the best ways to really explore. The Porcupine Hills Provincial Park is focused on protecting the region’s natural beauty and ensuring the land and cultural value is preserved.