Wildcat Hills Prov Park

This area is known for its wilderness nature — rugged, dense and difficult to traverse. These characteristics make it easy to understand why it is a very secluded area. Visitors wishing to visit the park should be prepared physically and mentally for a challenging experience. The only access during spring, summer and fall is by foot and it will take hours of walking through forest and bush before reaching the park boundary. During the winter, groomed snowmobile trails make the area more easily accessible. There are no visitor services or facilities in the park.

Since there are no designated walking trails, the adventurous hiker must be competent with a map and compass in addition to possessing good quality back country equipment and have the outdoor skills, endurance, and determination necessary to undertake the wilderness excursion. Walking into the park will present many challenges including steep slopes, dense scrub cover, black spruce bogs, river and creek crossings and muskeg. While every excursion into the Wildcat Hill Provincial Park is rewarding, it is important to understand that it will not be a “picnic”.

Seasonal hunting and fishing are allowed in the park. Bankside Lake, Firhead Lake, the Fir River and the Pasquia River all present opportunities to fish. Visitors are reminded to practice forest fire prevention and follow the “pack in – pack out” ethic.

Moose and deer are common ungulates in the park. During the winter, moose migrate to lower slopes outside of the park due to the availability of food and depths of snow. Wolves, bears and coyotes are common carnivores in the park; the occasional cougar has been reported.

The park is located approximately 40 km north of Hudson Bay and covers 21,752 hectares. If you plan to visit the park, it may be a good idea to talk with the conservation officers at the Saskatchewan Environment Office in Hudson Bay. You will also need detailed maps which you can obtain at a nominal cost from Central Survey and Mapping in Regina (306) 787-2799.