Rice River Canyon

The Rice River Canyon is located North West of Hudson Bay. A hidden gem of a wilderness hike in Saskatchewan, the Rice River takes you up in elevation toward to Pasquia hills as the walls of the canyon begin to reach over 300ft high. This is a rugged backcountry wilderness hike, there is no cell service and being prepared is an important safety factor. The hike involves crossing the river several times and can be a challenge during high water conditions, particularly during spring runoff.

The great thing about the area is you can explore up stream as far as you like and hike back down and out, the forks of the canyon are the destination for most and is typically accessed by hiking in and camping overnight. The common approach to the canyon begins at the bridge on Highway 55 which is approx. an hour’s drive north of Hudson Bay off of Highway 9. For experienced wilderness adventurers, the canyon can also be accessed from old logging roads off of highway 9 just north of Hudson Bay.