Hudson Bay Church Services:

St Patrick’s Anglican – 2nd & 4th Sunday Service – 10:30am.  Contact Rae Granberg 865-3525 or Caron Hallen 865-3451.

Grace Chapel Hudson Bay – Sundays 9:30am – Bible Study. Family Worship Pastor Dan & Evelyn Straza Ph: 865- 2504, contact Elaine Ashdown 865-3150.

Erwood Church of God – 11am Worship Service

Lutheran Church, Hudson Bay Good Shepherd – Hudson Bay – Sundays 10 am., Mistatim – Sundays 10 am, contact Rod & Judy Wildeman 865-2913.

Pineridge Fellowship Hudson Bay Sunday School: 9:45am, Worship Service 11am, 865-2623

Seventh Day Adventist- Tuesday 7pm Prayer Meeting & Bible Study. Saturday Sabbath School 9:30am, Worship Service 11am

Roman Catholic St. Dominic Hudson Bay- Sundays 9am, Mistatim Sunday 11:45am Fr. Janusz Bizewski 865-2449.

Ukrainian Greek Catholic Liturgy at St Dominic’s Church 4th Sunday 4pm. Fr. Joakim Rac 306-563-5148, contact Marvin & Lydia Derenisky 865-3149

St. Stephen’s United Church – Sundays 10:00am.  Rev. Brad Wudrich 865-3322.

Anglican Church

Seventh Day Adventist

Hudson Bay Area Services

Weekes Evangelical Chapel Sunday School 10am. Morning Worship 11am Pastor Nolan Sigfasson.

Full Gospel Church Porcupine Plain Sunday 10am. Sunday School 11am- Family Worship Pastor Jason Sheppard office 278-2006, home 278-2075

Redeemer Lutheran Porcupine Plain Sunday 11:30am Church 278-3029


There are a total of ten churches in Hudson Bay at the present time. Represented congregations are: St. Dominic’s Roman Catholic Church; St. Stephen’s United Church; St. Patrick’s Anglican Church; Good Shepherd Lutheran Church; Pineridge Fellowship Chapel; Seventh Day Adventist Church; Grace Chapel and the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The Church of God is close by in Erwood, Saskatchewan.

The Grace Chapel has about 70 members; the Seventh Day Adventists about 50; the Church of God has 75; the Roman Catholic about 350. The Pineridge Fellowship Chapel (Evangelical Mennonite) and the Jehovah’s Witnesses each have about 75 members. The United Church has about 300. The Greek Orthodox and the Lutheran have about 50 members each and the Anglican Church has an average attendance at church services of 22 persons.

Eight of the churches have resident pastors/priests: Grace Chapel, Anglican, United, Pineridge, Seventh Day Adventist, Roman Catholic, Church of God (Erwood) and the Lutheran. Each of our churches participates in varying degrees in our local ministerial association.

Hudson Bay Ministeral Group

Contact: Caron Hallen 865-3451

Essentially our churches exist for the purpose of

  • teaching and instructing regarding spiritual truth;
  • to establish a caring community of believers to support one another; and
  • to reach out in love to members at large in the community.

Anglican Church, St. Patrick’s
P.O. Box 274
Reverends: 865-3488

Anglican Church Women
Secretary: Rae Granberg 865-3525 (R)
Contact: Caron Hallen 865-3451 (R)

Grace Chapel
Pastor: Dan Straza 865-2504
Contact: Elaine Ashdown 865-3150

Church of God, Erwood

Church of God, Women’s Group
President: Connie Espenant 865-3077 (R)

Kingdom Hall Of Jehovah’s Witnesses
P.O. Box 1103

Lutheran Church, Good Shephard
Church office: 865-3333
Pastor: Stephen Bartlett 865- 3565 (R)

Lutheran Women’s Missionary League
President: 865-3346

Pineridge Fellowship Chapel
P.O Box 13

Pineridge Ladies Fellowship
President: Lois Schultz 865-3058 (R)

Roman Catholic Church, St. Dominic\’s
P.O. Box 638
Father Janusz Bizewski 865-2449

Seventh Day Adventist Church
P.O. Box 938
865-2345 or 865-9599

St. Dominic’s Altar Society
President: Darlene Keyowski 865-2810
Secretary: Loree Anne Graham 865-3324
Treasurer: Carla Bernard 865-3879

St. Dominic’s Parish Council
Chairman: Rick Zens 865-2597 (R)
Treasurer: Deanna Johnson

United Church, St. Stephen’s
230 Main St.
P.O. Box 246
Contact: 306-865-3322

United Church Women
Contact: Marleen Martindale 865-3107

Ukrainian Orthodox Church, St. Nicholas – Princess Hall
P.O. Box 431
Caretaker & Rentals: Hazel Leson 865-2368 (R)

Ukrainian Women’s Association
President: Hazel Leson 865-2368 (R)
Secretary: Marion Kulyk 865-3021 (R)

Ukrainian Orthodox Church

St. Stephens United Church

Pineridge Chapel

Lutheran Church

Roman Catholic Church

Grace Chapel

Jehovah’s Witnesses