Town Murals

The beautifully painted murals located around the Town of Hudson Bay were painted by local artists with sponsorship from the Millennium Bureau of Canada, Weyerhaeuser, and the Town of Hudson Bay.

Murals depicting a school room in the early 1900\’s were painted by Laurie Nielson, Mary Ann Moe, Del Brann, Liz Johnson, Jacki Coleman and Carol LaFrance. They are located at the Hudson Bay Museum.

A 13 x 33 foot mural on the brick wall represents a piece of hide tied by strips of leather to poplar poles on which is painted a picture of Henry Kelsey (who came up the Etomami River looking for beaver fur) trading with First Nations people. The mural was painted by Jacki Coleman & Del Brann and is located on the Town Administration building.

The mural on the stage of Brooks Hall was painted by Sharon Strand Sigfuson and is an early Churchill Street in Hudson Bay.

The Legion has commissioned the Hudson Bay Art Club to paint two murals a year. Paintings are by various members of the Art Club. The murals depicting war scenes are located on the Legion Hall.

The shed that houses the John Deere collection at the Heritage Park shows the early history of Hudson Bay and was painted by Jacki Coleman.

The Aquatic Centre has several murals painted on it by pool staff.

Two Religious scenes are painted on the side of the Parish Hall.