Health Services

IMPORTANT PHONE NUMBERSClick Here for a list of essential health service contact numbers.

The Town of Hudson Bay has a hospital, medical clinic, a public health clinic, a dental clinic, handivan and ambulance service.

In 1988 a modern, acute care twenty bed hospital was opened. In 1998 a new long-term care addition/renovation was added to the hospital. The facility now has 20 long-term care beds, 2 respite beds, 10 acute beds and 5 day/night care beds. The facility is staffed by four doctors, two primary care nurse and the necessary support staff. The public health clinic is also housed in the hospital/long-term care facility.


Services provided by visiting professionals are outlined as follows:

  • Surgeon visits monthly from Melfort;
  • Public Health Inspector visits as needed from Melfort;
  • Speech Language Pathologist and Early Childhood Psychologist visits as needed from Melfort;
  • Public Health Nutritionist consults as needed from Melfort;
  • Mental Health Nurse works full-time based in Hudson Bay;
  • Psychiatrist visits quarterly from Prince Albert;
  • Social Services visits bi-weekly from Melfort;
  • Public Health Nutritionist consults as needed from Melfort;
  • Dietician and Diabetes Educator visit twice monthly from Tisdale;
  • Dental Health Educator visits quarterly from Melfort.;
  • Physiotherapist visits every Monday except stat holidays from Melfort.

A “Meals on Wheels” service is available with lunches currently prepared by dietary staff at Health Care Facility.

In October 2006, Saskatchewan Health announced plans to begin implementation of a Radiology Information System (RIS) and Picture Archiving Communication System (PACS) in the province. These systems improve diagnostic imaging (x-ray) services and make images and results available electronically to health care prodders across the province. In 2007 Hudson Bay raised $85,000.00 to purchase a unit for the Hudson Bay Health Care Facility.

Medical Clinic

In 2020 a new Handivan was purchased.

A new seniors’ residence centre called Churchill Place was completed in the Fall of 2000. Twenty two senior units are housed in this facility along with a common area for the seniors to gather.

The active Hudson Bay Hospital Auxiliary raises funds to purchase new items for the Long Term Care Facility.

Ambulance Services

Call 911 for emergency ambulance service.
Non emergency service call 310-5000.

Ambulance service in Hudson Bay is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Hudson Bay Emergency Medical Services (EMS) provides emergency ambulance service to the community of Hudson Bay and surrounding area. When somebody calls 911 for a medical emergency, Kelsey Trail Health Region (KTHR) EMS providers assess, treat, and transport the patient to a hospital emergency department.

Ambulance service

Hudson Bay EMS is one of nine ambulance stations in the KTHR and one of only two directly operated by the Health Authority.

Air Ambulance Services – are called in when needed by medical personal

Hudson Bay Transit

Phone: 865-7770
Weekdays 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Cost: $6.00 Round Trip
All individuals with a disability and all seniors (60 years +) can ride the transit bus

Hudson Bay Transit

Alcohol Treatment

The community has an organized Alcohol Anonymous, Al-Anon and Al-teen groups.

A.A. (New Hope Group) Contact:
Jack 865-3104