Paddling in Hudson Bay

The Hudson Bay area is a paddler’s dream. With a wide variety of paddling options from a casual lake tour to a multi day river run. Plan to Paddle in Hudson Bay!

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Ruby Lake
Ruby Lake is located 15km north of Hudson Bay and is part of the Hudson Bay Regional Park. Ruby lake is quiet watersports lake with a boat launch, beach and camping facilities. The lake is small enough to often offer calm waters to paddle along the shoreline. The lake to the south of the boat launch is very shallow and boat traffic stays primarily north of the boat launch. This allows paddlers of all skill levels to enjoy some time on the lake. It is also a great option when water levels on the rivers are low.

Red Deer River Route
The Red Deer River is a seasonally high river that makes its way from Hudson Bay Saskatchewan to Red Deer Lake in Manitoba. This river has a historical significance in both the fur trade and early logging history. The River is suitable for those wanting to explore the waters by canoe or kayak. Enjoy the natural beauty of the area as you slowly make your way through forested areas.

Wildlife and birds will be enjoying the water with you as you make your way down stream. Bear, Moose, Elk, Deer as well as many smaller animals are very common in the area. This is a great river for intermediate levels due to rock hazards, but does not get very fast along the way. Due to seasonal water levels, it is best to explore the river during the early days of summer. Avid adventurers have been known to make their way from Hudson Bay to Red Deer Lake, with many historical and geographical interest points along the way. Fishing is also popular along the Red Deer River, so take your chance at catching a fresh lunch and bring your gear!

In 2017 the Town of Hudson Bay looked to local users of the river to gain input on launch points and access. There have been several points identified and the Red Deer River now has three designated launch or pull out areas. This project will continue to expand and include the many other areas locals use for summer recreation.

*Keep in mind that your own transportation will need to be used for pick up at launch points.

** The Ridge Road launch is a 200m gradual incline from the river to the parking location.

***All river activities are upon your own risk – please be prepared.

Common Routes:

Hudson Bay Regional Park – Erwood = about 7 hours depending on water level. *Watch for rock hazards
Hudson Bay Regional Park – Ridge Road = 2-3 hours depending on water level.
The river slows shortly after the Ridge Road access point. This additional access will allow you to enjoy the fastest parts of the river between the Hudson Bay Regional Park and the Ridge Road Access without having to commit to the day long journey to Erwood. For those looking for even longer routes, the Red Deer River continues to Smokey Ridge Bridge another few hours past Erwood and then eventually to Red Deer Lake in Manitoba.

Water Level Tip : Water level is locally determined by the visible water level on a large rock seen west of the Red Deer River bridge on Highway 9 south of Hudson Bay. When the rock is mostly visible, the river would be too low.

For a Detailed Map on how to get to these points. Click Here.