Assessment Notices Explained

Assessment Notices have been sent out for the Town of Hudson Bay. Please read below:” Understanding Your Property Assessment”.
For further information: Call or visit the Town Office – Phone: 306-865-2261 OR call SAMA directly at 1-306-786-1370 or visit their website at
Your official Tax Notice will be sent out in late May/early June.


Every four years there is a Province wide re-assessment of all land and improvements (buildings).

Property assessment is the process of determining a property’s assessed value for property tax purposes as of a specific date.

Property assessments are performed by SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency)

The base date for this year’s assessment is January 1, 2019. All the information gathered by SAMA, is focused on this base date, so they can update their formulas and info to provide accurate assessments as of this date. The gathering of all this information and data and incorporating it into their formulas and values all take time, therefore the assessments are always based on a past date.

Information regarding your assessment can be acquired by contacting the Town Office at 306 865-2261 or if more detailed information on exactly why it was assessed a certain way is needed, you can contact SAMA directly at 1-306-786-1370 or visit

Taxes are derived by applying a mill rate and factors to the assessed values. First Council decides on a dollar amount that they feel the Town needs to run the Town that year. Once this dollar amount is decided, a Mill Rate and factors are set, which when applied to the entire town’s assessments, will achieve the required dollar amount.

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