Hudson Bay Regional Park

Box 69
Hudson Bay, SK  SOE OYO
(306) 865-4144

South Park Site Campground Map

Ruby Lake Campground Map

Map of South Park & Ruby Lake - Hudson Bay Area Map

Reservations are taken all year by phone, fax, or email. No fee is administered for this service. In 2020 Contactless Payment is Required

The camping area at the Regional Park consists of 36 electrical sites, including some with 30 amp services. It also consists of 6 tenting pads, central RV sewage disposal, showers and washroom facilities.

Camping at Ruby Lake consists of two 30-amp sites, two 15-amp sites, and 5 unserviced sites.

Saskatchewan Regional Park Pass or Daily Entry is required. A seasonal Sask Regional Parks Pass is $45, and the money goes to help operate and maintain the local park.

Camping Fees

Fee category Description Season per day
30 amp electric
15 amp electric
All season
All season
All season




Seasonal camping - $500.00 (Ruby Lake)
Monthly camping -(Less 25%)
Power - $50.00 per month

Seasonal Camping South Park Site $1500

Prices subject to change without notice

Popular camping and recreation spots around Hudson Bay

-East of Hudson Bay, known as "The Hills" located in the Porcupine Hills. Camping is available at Isbister Lake, Spirit Lake, Townsend Lake and Small Fish Lake. Other lakes nearby include Woody Lake, Elbow Lake and Stark Lake.

-South of Hudson bay camping is available at Dagg Creek, Saginas Lake, Par Hill Lake and McBride Lake. Peepaw Lake is also nearby.

View, download or print map of camping and other recreational areas in the region

  • Armit River: Brook trout fishing
  • Culldelsac LakeWalleye, perch and jack fishing.
  • Dagg Creek: Campground: 6 tables, 4 barbecues, and picnic shelter.
  • Elbow Lake: Walleye, perch and jack fishing; services within 5 km, supply store, restaurant, gas station, dock and boat launch.
  • Elm Forest: Giant Elms and ferns with river nearby.
  • Fir River (Mile 16): Brook trout fishing; 1 table, toilet, and shelter.
  • Fir River (Mile 21): Brook trout fishing; camp kitchen, 1 table, and 2 barbecues.
  • Greenbush: Campground: 2 tables, 1 barbecue, toilets, and camp kitchen.
  • Helldiver Channel: Pike and walleye fishing.
  • Isbister Lake: Walleye, perch and jack fishing; 3 tables, 3 barbecues, toilet, filleting shack, dock and boat launch.
  • McBride Lake: 22 tables, 22 barbecues, toilets, fishing, beach, filleting shack, docks and boat launch.
  • Murphy Lake: Walleye, perch and jack fishing; toilet.
  • Parr Hill Lake: 12 tables, 12 barbecues, kitchen, 4 toilets, drinking water, fishing, filleting shack, dock and boat launch.
  • Peepaw Lake: 2 tables, 2 barbecues, fishing and a dock.
  • Regional Park: 2 km south of Hudson Bay, serviced campground, picnic sites, playground area, RV sewage disposal, showers, mist tunnels and nature trail. Close to golf course and Red Deer Downs.
  • Ruby Lake: 25 tables, 23 barbecues, kitchen, playground, toilets, drinking water, phone, ball diamond, beach, dock and boat launch. This is not a fishing lake.
  • Saginas Lake: Walleye, perch and jack fishing;  2 tables, 2 barbecues, toilets, filleting table, dock and boat launch.
  • Smallfish Lake: Walleye, perch and jack fishing; 5 tables, 5 barbecues, toilets, dock and boat launch.
  • Spirit Lake: Walleye, perch and jack fishing; 6 tables, 6 barbecues, toilet, supply store, restaurant, rental accommodations, gas station, outfitter, fish filleting shack, dock and boat launch.
  • Townsend Lake: Walleye, perch and jack fishing; 35 tables, 32 barbecues, supply store, restaurant, rental accommodation, gas station, drinking water, outfitter, 2 docks and boat launch.
  • Trout Pond: 2 km east of Hudson Bay, stocked with rainbow trout.
  • Woody Lake: Walleye, perch and jack fishing; services within 5 km, supply store, restaurant, gas station, outfitter, filleting shack, dock and boat launch.


Hudson Bay Regional Park- Ruby Lake Camping Spots

Hudson Bay Regional Park Camping


Camping in the Porcupine Hills- Townsend Lake Campsite