Millennium Moose

The Millennium Moose was constructed in 2000 by Peter Palko, Bill Gudjonson, and Troy Guderyan with sponsorship by the Town of Hudson Bay, Weyerhaeuser Saskatchewan Limited, and The Millennium Partnership Program Ltd.

The moose, which is very close to actual size, was built in a shop northwest of Hudson Bay.  A full-sized pattern was cut out of thin board, from which Guderyan built the steel skeleton.  Square tube steel and some flat iron were used.  Two-by-six cedar was then glued and screwed onto the frame.  Band and chain saws, waterproof glue and screws were used in the construction. 

Guderyan welded and shaped the horns using a set of real ones as a pattern.  A tourist mistook them for the real thing, which the artists accept as a great compliment. 

The finished project is estimated to weigh approximately 1,000 pounds and took about four months to complete.

The plaque on the base reads: Millennium Moose sculpted by Peter Palko, Bill Gudjonson, and Troy Guderyan.  Funded by the Town of Hudson Bay, Weyerhaeuser, Canada Millennium Partnership Program.  Dated: August 20, 2000.