Photo Club

Do you enjoy taking pictures? The Town of Hudson Bay is located in a beautiful area of Saskatchewan, inspiring many artists and photographers to enjoy the natural surroundings. Photography is a great way to capture the beauty around the community, and this has inspired a local group to form the Hudson Bay Photo Club.

The Hudson Bay Photo Club is a group of local people that love photography. They get together to socialize and share monthly themed photos and share other tips and ideas. Some of the themes done in the past: colors, patterns, clouds, roads, reflections etc. The club meets the first Wednesday of each month in the Brooks Hall Meeting Room (304 Main St.) at 7:00pm. Everyone is welcome to come out and enjoy an evening together, membership is free.

The Photo Club will be hosting a one day seminar in September. Check the Community Events Calendar for details.

Some photos from the club are on display at the Library, stop by to see some of the great work! For more information regarding the Photo Club, please feel free to contact Teena Johnson at 865-3996.

Photo courtesy of Hudson Bay Photo Club
Photo Courtesy of Steve Page