Heritage Park Logger

The statue of the logger was unveiled and dedicated at Heritage Day on August 17th, 2002 and is located in the southeast corner of the Heritage Park.  It was built by Joe Dombowsky with support from the IWA Canada Local 1-184 and Weyerhaeuser.

The idea came to Dombowsky at Thanksgiving as all the members of his family gather for supper and take turns to say what they are thankful for.  It occurred to him that much of what he enjoyed is due to the efforts of his parents, grandparents, and those people who have gone before him.  Their struggles, sacrifices and perseverance made our country what it is today.  He began to make plans to build a monument to the pioneers which would consist of a time capsule and a logging statue.

 The life size logger is holding a double-bitten axe.  He represents not only the forestry workers but all those responsible for clearing the farmland and building the dove-tail log cabins.

The Statue was built in Moose Jaw by Dombowsky and his son Adam. Town Foreman, Murray Paulson removed the grass & K & S Concrete poured the base.  The center of the stone face base came from local farmer’s rock piles and serves as the time capsule.  Dombowsky noted it is neat to think that many of the rocks that were used in the project are likely rocks that early pioneers picked as the cleared and cultivated the land.

The time capsule was filled on Thanksgiving Day, October 14, 2002 and is to be opened on Thanksgiving Day 2050.