The Annual Cordwood Bonspiel, started in 1966, takes place in March.  The "rocks" are made from spruce cores which were donated by Weyerhaeuser\'s plywood mill located in Hudson Bay. The rocks\' handles are made by the employees of the Town of Hudson Bay and the arena is transformed into 12 sheets of Cordwood curling ice.

This exciting event is sponsored by the Town Of Hudson Bay and is enjoyed by all participants and spectators alike! 

The grade 12 graduating class started their own Gradwood Bonspiel using the same rocks and ice.

Now Hudson Bay hosts the Oldwood bonspiel, using the same rocks and ice as the Cordwood and Gradwood, the Oldwood allows adults to play the game they once enjoyed as kids! For more information check the community events calendar for March.

More conventional bonspiels are also held annually at the Hudson Bay Curling Rink, open during the winter. There are many opportunities to curl in Hudson Bay, including the following:

Hudson Bay Ladies Round the Clock
Contact the Hudson Bay Curling Club for more information at (306) 865-3123

Hudson Bay Men’s Sportsman Bonspiel
Contact the Hudson Bay Curling Club for more information at (306) 865-3123

Cordwood Bonspiel


Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby

Lions Club Ice Fishing Derby

The Hudson Bay Lions Club 19th Annual Ice Fishing Derby will be held Saturday March 31, 2018 at McBride Lake from 12:00 noon to 3:00 p.m.  Entry fee is $60.00. 2nd Hole is $30 sponsored by the Hudson Bay Lions Club. There will be approximately $25,000 in prizes donated by Hudson Bay & area businesses. All tickets purchased prior to Marh 17, will be able to choose a hole at 10am, and will be in a draw to win $100. The first fish measured wins $250 gift card sponsored by Bracken Financial.

More Information available here.

Registration form can be printed here.

For more information contact Dwaine: 306-865-4255/7234, Darcy: 306-865-6583 or Bill: 306-865-6450. Email or fax: 306-865-2472


Red Deer River Saddle Club Western Roundup

Red Deer Saddle Club Western Round-up
June 9 and 10 2018

Pony Chuckwagons and Chariots
Heritage Classic Circuit
Light Horse Show
Team Penning
Heavy Horse Pull Returns                                                                 
Kids Events

You"ll come and have a great weekend with the Red Deer Saddle Club